Thursday, 7 March 2013

New Music: Neon Neon- Mid Century Modern Nightmare

Geoff Rhys of Super Furry Animals brings his side project with Boop Bip, Neon Neon, back from hibernation with their new album Praxis Makes Perfect. You may recall the first LP was a concept album based around the life of rich dude John DeLorean (Back To The Future car), and their follow up LP will  have a similar subject, only this time the character is Giangiacomo Feltrinelli a wealthy Italian shit disturber who is most famous for being a publisher (Doctor Zhivago) and a member of the Italian Communist Party.

The first track form the album "Mid Century Modern Nightmare" features an 80's synth pop melody that ends with underground actress Asia Argento reading a manifesto by Feltrinelli from the mid 20th century that speaks toward dumbfounded pop culture which Rhys describes "continues to this day" .....Kim Kardashian take note.

Praxis Makes Perfect is out April 30th on Lex Records.

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