Sunday, 10 February 2013

Music Video: Ummagma- Human Factor

Aural Report favourite dream pop couple Ummagma have just released a new video for their track "Human Factor" from their excellent 2012 self titled album.

Since we last posted on the Ukrainian/Canadian couple the pair have had a fair amount of success and even recently went to Number 3 with "Human Factor" on the Scottish New Music charts. They have also been featured in a Rolling Stone Russia article and are collaborating with The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records.

As you may recall Ummagma are influenced by a lot of different music styles and both of their albums that were released last year, Ummagma and Antigravity, have an eclectic mix of sounds that stretch from shoegaze, to prog rock to ambient. "Human Factor" is a good example of variant sounds on the album, as the track has a slight psychedelic feel but does not lose any of the duo's dream pop signature style.

The music video was directed by graphic designer Dimitry Uziel, with the assistance of The Blog That Celebrates Itself, and features some trippy backward footage along with gymnasts performing in silhouette. Check it out above.

For more information on Ummagma you can check them out at their new website and don't forget that their albums are available for streaming on their bandcamp site. As well, watch out for a remix competition from the band in the coming weeks.

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