Sunday, 17 February 2013

Five Star Songs: The Mighty Wah!- Come Back

"Come Back" is one of those songs that you don't hear for years and years and all of the sudden it appears out of nowhere and you say to yourself "Shit, I remember that song!!!"

The song was written by Pete Wylie of the British new wave band The Mighty Wah!, also known as Wah!, Wah Heat!, and several other different band name variations with the name Wah. Wylie was one of those under the radar musicians in Britain who didn't get too much exposure but worked with a lot of bigger, well known musicians. In fact, before he formed Wah! he was in a band called Crucial Three which featured Ian McCulloch (Echo & The Bunnymen) and Julian Cope (The Teardrop Explodes). Wylie might be better known for his collaboration he did later in his career with a band called The Farm and their song "Sinful! (Scary Jiggin' With Dr Love)"

In 1984 "Come Back" was chosen as single of the year by legendary late BBC Radio DJ John Peel. Like Mark E. Smith and The Fall, Wylie and his band were one of those acts Peel liked to promote and proclaimed that the song will "knock your socks off." As usual he was right. Listen below:

"Come Back" is on the LP A Word To The Wise which you can find on Amazon or if you are lucky at a local record store.

Warning.......This music video may contain bad 80's hair styles.

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